Lausanne report sees gaps and opportunities for global mission

26 April 2024

What will the Church and the world look like in 2050?


A new in-depth report analysing the state of the world and the opportunities for Christian mission has been launched five months ahead of the 4th Lausanne Movement Congress (L4), planned for September in Seoul, South Korea.

“Christianity is a dynamic and living faith which has experienced notable global shifts in the last 100 years,” says the report, pointing to the reality that around 70% of all Christians will be in the so-called Global South by 2050. This reality makes understanding the “polycentric” nature of mission indispensable, the evangelical inter-denominational movement says.

The State of the Great Commission report seeks to respond to 10 questions to understand the future of mission. Some of these are: “What is the foundation of trust?”, “What does it mean to be human?” or “What is ministry in a digital age?”

What will the Church and the world look like in 2050? Lausanne Movement identifies “gaps and opportunities” for global mission

Evolution of the regional distribution of Christianity / Source: State of the Great Commission report, Lausanne Movement.

The document analyses the social and religious rise of Asia and Africa, and addresses the influence of radical politics, secularism or Islam. It analyses how propaganda and social media affect the understanding of truth and human rights.

The report also looks at the global trends in areas such as migration, poverty, mental health, equality between men and women, and creation care.

Churches, mission organisations and individual Christians need to be able to present a compelling biblical worldview on controversial debates about identity (transgenderism, transhumanism) and the limits of technology (Artificial Intelligence, among others), says the report.

To be equipped for the world that comes, argues the Lausanne Movement, deep missional reflections need to be made by those involved in Christian initiatives such as Bible translation, discipleship movements, theological education, and financial support for missions.

“Healthy ambassadors of Christ dispersing globally”

“With biblical roots, historically-adaptable structures, researched support, and excellent training, healthy ambassadors for Christ can and will disperse globally,” the authors say. “There are effective ways to identify, equip, and deploy them, and there are resources to support them to obey the call of Christ.”

Over 150 global mission experts from various corners of the world have contributed to this final document, “with 40% representing the global south, 35% from the global north, and 25% from the global east,” a statement said.

First published in English, the document will be translated into six other languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. 

Read the “State of the Great Commission Report” published by the Lausanne Movement on 23 April 2024 here.