Objects of the corporation

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada/l’Alliance évangélique du Canada was federally incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act on January 23, 1995 (although our history dates back to 1964). As a federally incorporated charity, the objects of the EFC are:

First: To encourage, co-ordinate and facilitate the advancement, teaching, demonstration and implementation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and related truths of the Holy Bible in Canada and abroad through the gathering, uniting, equipping, assisting and empowering of evangelical Christians, denominations, parachurch organizations, and congregations which adhere to the Statement of Faith (referred to collectively hereafter as “Evangelicals”);

And second: ​Provided that these objects shall include only those which are exclusively charitable at law, and to accomplish the aforesaid objects:

  1. to uphold and promote the Statement of Faith;

  2. to provide a forum for Evangelicals to fellowship, communicate and seek growth, renewal and revitalization in their Christian faith;

  3. to facilitate, co-ordinate and conduct programs, ministries, meetings, studies and conferences to encourage prayer, worship, discipleship, evangelism and the advancement of the Christian faith;

  4. to facilitate, encourage, develop, and equip leadership within the Evangelical community;

  5. to foster, facilitate and co-ordinate an understanding among Evangelicals concerning the place and the role of Christians and the expression of their faith within a pluralistic society;

  6. to study, facilitate and promote the application of an evangelical understanding of biblical principles to matters of life and society;

  7. to facilitate, foster and co-ordinate research, study and dialogue among Evangelicals concerning the relevancy of the Christian faith to matters of social responsibility;

  8. to facilitate, communicate and present an understanding by Evangelicals on matters of social relevancy from a biblical perspective to government, government related bodies, the courts, and public authorities;

  9. to encourage, promote and facilitate worldwide evangelism of the Christian faith and to develop a respect for religious liberty for all faith communities internationally;

  10. to establish, operate and maintain Christian retreat centres and/or conference centres to further the objects herein;

  11. to establish, own, and operate one or more publishing offices, printing plants, distribution centres, or retail facilities for the publication, printing, distribution and sale of all types of literature and publications directly related to the charitable objectives herein;

  12. to produce programs and materials directly related to the charitable objects herein for presentation, broadcast and distribution on any means of audio, visual, computer, electronic or other forms of communication as may become available from time to time;

  13. to receive and maintain a fund or funds for the objects herein and to apply from time to time all or part of the income and/or capital thereof for the objects herein and for the benefit of charitable organizations that are registered pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) that have charitable objects similar to those herein;

  14. to associate and affiliate with any association or organization, incorporated or unincorporated, with charitable objects similar to those herein;

  15. to give property and funds of the corporation to “qualified donees” as defined under the Income Tax Act (Canada), as amended from time to time, to further the objects of the corporation herein;

  16. to carry on “related businesses” within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada) as amended from time to time in furtherance of the purposes stated herein.