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Love Is Moving encompasses a variety of youth and young adult initiatives. Our homebase is There's also social media, an e-newsletter and several TV and video series.

All of these EFC youth and young adult initiatives support a movement of God’s people embracing the Great Commandment in order to be equipped to fulfil the Great Commission. Love Is Moving magazine exists to tell stories of hope, beauty, diversity and creativity that inspire and challenge millennial and Gen Z Christians. The online magazine is written for Christian young adults by Christian young adults. We publish essays, poetry and thoughtful reflections and release seasonal collections that centre on specific themes. Find out more at


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Outside the Box (2017-2018)

The Love Is Moving team produced segments for each episode of Outside the Box With Sheldon Neil, a show broadcast on YesTV. Episodes of the show including these segments are available on the Castle streaming app and YouTube.


Love Is Moving TV (2014-2017)

The six original episodes of the TV show Love Is Moving are archived on Vimeo. Check them out!

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Love Is Moving is an online magazine. Check out past issues by clicking one of the cover graphics below. From 2016 to 2023 we also produced printed copies, but as of 2024 we decided it's better stewardship to invest our limited resources into the production of timely, high-quality online content. Readers can keep up to date with the magazine through our email newsletter. You can also still subscribe for free in Canada to Faith Today, the EFC's bi-monthly magazine.