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Practical resource on welcoming refugees

Welcome the Stranger: A Canadian Church Guide to Welcoming Refugees is a free downloadable booklet that helps private sponsors welcome and settle individuals and families into a new life in Canada.

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Training to welcome newcomers

Check out this new video-based resource on biblical hospitality for church leaders and networking opportunities for ministries and congregations serving newcomers to Canada

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Parenting Faith Research Study image

Parenting Faith Research Study

Downloads are now available (April 11) from this collaborative study on how evangelical parents understand their roles as disciple makers of their children. What helps or hinders? How best can churches and ministries support them?

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Reverse euthanasia expansion

Canada's laws on assisted dying are expanding to include mental illness (in 2027) and possibly youth and by advance request. Our kit can help you take action.

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Get our revised Civic Engagement Kit

Contribute to our nation's future using our revised pdf download (March 2022) on:
• Why get involved with social issues? And how?
• Tips on contacting your MP
• How a bill becomes law, and what you can do

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Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus

Canada Summer Jobs Report Released

A committee of MPs has just released a report on their study of the Canada Summer Jobs program.  The EFC made a written submission last...

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Improving our support of newcomers with Welcome Church training

New and practical resource to help congregations from coast to coast better welcome newcomers to Canada into churches and into deeper community

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On the Faith Today website

"The kiss of joy." Joy is more human and divine than we think. Posted May 1. Aussi disponible en français.

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Health Canada report shows steep increase continuing in MAiD deaths

Health Canada's fourth annual report on MAID in Canada has data from 2022. It shows the steep increase in MAiD deaths is continuing  ...

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Our latest, en français

Find translations from Faith Today, Canada Watch and more at

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Churches speak out as Russia-Ukraine war enters 3rd year

A shared statement signed by 45 Canadian church leaders and ministry leaders, including many EFC affiliates, was released today.

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Bill S-210: Online pornography restriction

Bill S-210 proposes to set up crucial protection for minors from the harms of exposure to online pornography.

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Bill S-263: A permanent national strategy to combat human trafficking

Bill S-263 would require the federal government to maintain and update a national strategy to combat human trafficking. It specifies that the...

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Bill C-270 would require verified age and consent in pornography

Topic: Pornography

Bill C-270 would require those making or distributing pornographic material for a commercial purpose to verify the age and consent of each person...

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Bill C-63: Online Harms Act

Topic: Abuse

This bill addresses online content such as sexual abuse images, intimate images published without consent, and online hate.

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Letter welcomes Special Rapporteur's report on prostitution

Topic: Prostitution

Report recognizes prostitution is intrinsically linked to forms of violence against women and girls and a form of violence in and of itself.

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Standing Together Against Hate Based on Religious Identity

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation issued a statement by 60 faith traditions and institutions, including the EFC and many affiliates.

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The EFC launches new resource on disability and belonging

Life Together: Disability and Belonging in the Church is a new online and print resource available free. Aussi disponible en français.

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Canadian research examines how parents share faith with children

Topic: Family

How is Christian faith shared from one generation to the next? What help does the local church provide?

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Latest Videos

EFC Podcasts


Season 7 Recap

Join the hosts of the Faith Today Podcast as they reflect on some of their favourite moments from season seven. Features Karen Stiller, Bill Fledderus and podcast manager Sammy Kyereme.

Holiness is for all of us, says new book by Karen Stiller

In addition to being a senior editor at Faith Today, Karen Stiller of Ottawa is an author of several books including Holiness Here: Searching for God in the Ordinary Events of Everyday Life (NavPress, 2024). She talks with her fellow editor Bill Fledderus about holiness in ordinary life, how all believers are holy even if we don't feel that way, grouchy hospitality and slow beauty.

African Coups & the Church: Do Christians Make Peace or Make Things Worse?

Political coups are epidemic today in Africa with disrupting impact on nations and peoples. How are Africa's Christians responding? What is needed from the Church? And, what do we all need to learn as we think about being socially engaged disciples wherever we are? Martin Kapenda (Zambia/PRN Africa) and Joseph Nyamutera (Rwanda/WEA Migration and Refugee Network) join Phil Wagler to discuss these challenging realities.


This cultural moment and AI

This is the second in a two-part podcast looking at AI. The first was an introduction to AI, and this one examines this cultural moment and AI.  

What Our Affiliates Have to Say

Outreach Canada
Craig Kraft, Executive Director

“I am thankful for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and for their outstanding resources. Many of their booklets and resources on Canadian issues have been well read in our office. The EFC is our own private guardian. They stand up with us and for us when we can not do it by ourselves. We are blessed to have them acting and interceding on our behalf. Their helpful team of experts is always just a phone call or email away.” (

Christian Reformed Church in North America
Darren Roorda, former Canadian Ministries Director

"Affiliation with the EFC is an important part of our ministry posture in the Christian Reformed Church. It demonstrates to the local churches of our faith stream that the cause of Christ is a mission we share together with other traditions nearby to us. It is also a demonstration to the world of the uniting power of God's love for those who are called to express that love in places ranging from church basements to the towers of Parliament." (

Crandall University
Dr. Bruce Fawcett, President & Vice Chancellor

"We have deeply appreciated the benefits of our affiliation with the EFC. We have enjoyed EFC resource staff who have spoken to faculty, staff and students on our campus, and have served as advisors via email and phone on other occasions. I have personally enjoyed the connections made with other ministry leaders through the EFC's annual Presidents' Day gatherings. I also deeply appreciate the role that the EFC has had in giving birth to what is now known as Christian Higher Education Canada - an association which has been an excellent source of fellowship and encouragement for our university. The vision and insights provided by the EFC have been a wonderful gift to the Canadian church!" (

Toronto Christian Community Church
Jonathan Chan, Senior Pastor

"The EFC proves to be an important Kingdom partner. They help us to champion an evangelical engagement relevant to the Canadian context. As our country becomes more and more secular, a vital evangelical voice that is loud and clear is much needed. The theological resource and pastoral guidelines are very helpful, and they always come out in a timely manner." (

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