Benefits of affiliation

By affiliating ...

  • you take your stand with Canada's Evangelicals as the EFC intervenes before the courts, as the EFC team builds strong relationships with MPs, Senators and other government leaders while also providing thoughtful insights, position papers, and public policy research to lawmakers;
  • you clearly identify your congregation or ministry with other Evangelical Christians as we monitor and address religious freedom issues in Canada and promote prayer and intervention for persecuted Christians around the world;
  • your ministry is enriched through the valuable resources, seminars and workshops made available to you and your constituents by the EFC; and your constituents also have the opportunity to take advantage of valuable resources brought to you by the EFC;
  • you promote collaboration and cooperation between ministries, including research projects, leading to greater effectiveness in ministry, mission and witness.

Upon affiliation approval, you receive...

  • a framed affiliation certificate (updated yearly) to be prominently displayed where others can see your EFC involvement;
  • free subscriptions to Faith Today, the EFC's award-winning magazine, and our young adult online magazine Love Is Moving - details on application form
  • copies of the EFC's informative bi-monthly newsletter, Canada Watch - to a maximum of 2,000 copies, at no extra cost;
  • opportunity to have EFC speakers come and present to your congregation;
  • subscription to news releasesreligious liberty alerts and prayer concerns;
  • direct link to your ministry site from the EFC website and
  • spotlight on your ministry, we highlight a different affiliate member each week on the EFC website.

[Requirements and responsibilities that come with affiliation]

What Our Affiliates Have to Say

Outreach Canada
Craig Kraft, Executive Director

“I am thankful for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and for their outstanding resources. Many of their booklets and resources on Canadian issues have been well read in our office. The EFC is our own private guardian. They stand up with us and for us when we can not do it by ourselves. We are blessed to have them acting and interceding on our behalf. Their helpful team of experts is always just a phone call or email away.” (

Christian Reformed Church in North America
Darren Roorda, former Canadian Ministries Director

"Affiliation with the EFC is an important part of our ministry posture in the Christian Reformed Church. It demonstrates to the local churches of our faith stream that the cause of Christ is a mission we share together with other traditions nearby to us. It is also a demonstration to the world of the uniting power of God's love for those who are called to express that love in places ranging from church basements to the towers of Parliament." (

Crandall University
Dr. Bruce Fawcett, President & Vice Chancellor

"We have deeply appreciated the benefits of our affiliation with the EFC. We have enjoyed EFC resource staff who have spoken to faculty, staff and students on our campus, and have served as advisors via email and phone on other occasions. I have personally enjoyed the connections made with other ministry leaders through the EFC's annual Presidents' Day gatherings. I also deeply appreciate the role that the EFC has had in giving birth to what is now known as Christian Higher Education Canada - an association which has been an excellent source of fellowship and encouragement for our university. The vision and insights provided by the EFC have been a wonderful gift to the Canadian church!" (

Toronto Christian Community Church
Jonathan Chan, Senior Pastor

"The EFC proves to be an important Kingdom partner. They help us to champion an evangelical engagement relevant to the Canadian context. As our country becomes more and more secular, a vital evangelical voice that is loud and clear is much needed. The theological resource and pastoral guidelines are very helpful, and they always come out in a timely manner." (