The EFC applies biblical principles to life in society, including law and public policy. We show how laws that reflect these principles – such as the sanctity of human life, care for the vulnerable and religious freedom – contribute to the public good.

The EFC often makes submissions on these issues to parliamentary committees and government bodies as well as occasionally to international bodies such as the United Nations.

(See also Outgoing Letters to legislators and cabinet ministers, and Court Cases for legal submissions.)

Submission on prostitution to UN Special Rapporteur

For an upcoming UN Human Rights Council report, the EFC submitted a six-page brief discussing the violence inherent in prostitution and related topic.

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Submission on conscientious objection to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

The Alberta body that regulates doctors asked for feedback on its policy on conscientious objection by Jan. 15, 2024. One of the proposed changes introduces “effective...

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Bill S-210: Online pornography restriction

Bill S-210 proposes to set up crucial protection for minors from the harms of exposure to online pornography.

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Submission to Special Joint Commitee on MAID for mental illness

The EFC calls for a halt or at least delay to the planned March 2024 expansion to allow legal euthanasia for reasons of mental illness alone.

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