Jon Fuller

Jon Fuller grew up in the Philippines where his parents served as missionaries with OMF International. He and his wife Marilyn had the privilege of returning to the Philippines with OMF to live and serve in a Filipino Muslim community for many years. More recently, Jon has been involved in global mission leadership with OMF, traveling frequently as part of OMF’s commitment to be a global community of East Asian specialists.

In January 2023 Jon took up a new role as resident missiologist with the EFC. As a missiologist, he spends time connecting to church, agency, academy and marketplace leaders around the intersection of church, gospel and culture.

He also serves as executive director for Our Common Calling, a partnership of the EFC, Lausanne Canada, the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, and Christian Higher Education Canada.

His passion continues to be investing in the next generation, helping them become everything God has called them to be.

Jon is the author of Cross Currents: The Story of the Muslim and Christian Encounter in the Philippines, combining historical research and personal stories to explore the complex encounter between Islam and Christianity in the Philippines.

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