MAID in Canada: Toward a Faithful Christian Response to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

This paper was written by EFC President and CEO (and resident theologian) Dr. David Guretzki, PhD. It was commissioned by an affiliate denomination, the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (particularly its SALT committee – Social Awareness Living Truth), and presented at a gathering of EMCC pastors, leaders and interested laypeople through a 90-minute workshop.


  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in Canada: Understanding the issues. p.3
  • Defining Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and Related Issues. p.3
  • MAID Today: How Did We Get Here? p.8
  • A Short Legal History of MAID in Canada. p.10
  • Cultural Factors Behind Canada’s Current MAID Context. p.14
  • A Biblical and Theological Response to MAID. p.21
  • God’s Command: You Shall not Murder. p.22
  • God’s Creature: The Divine Image Bearer. p.29
  • God as Creator, Lord and Judge. p.32
  • MAID: A Proposed Theological Position. p.35
  • Pastoral and Broader Implications of MAID. p.37
  • The Medical Community. p.37
  • Family, friends and neighbours. p.40
  • Vulnerable Persons. p.42
  • Pastors and Spiritual Caregivers. p.43
  • The Community of Faith, the Church. p.48
  • Conclusion. p.52
  • Recommended Resources and Further Reading. p.53
  • Sources Cited. p.53