The EFC urges Canadians to love neighbours in wake of hate crimes

08 November 2023

As police forces report increased hate crimes in Canadian cities with the largest Jewish and Muslim populations, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada urges Canadians to remember a basic and fundamental call of the Christian faith: to love our neighbours as ourselves. 

It is particularly disturbing when places of worship – the centre of the life of a religious community – are targeted as seems to be the case recently in Montreal, or when people who are gathered for peaceful assembly – a foundational right in a democracy – are threatened or harassed. We denounce all such acts.

The EFC urges us all to pray for peace in the Middle East, and for the security of all Canadians here at home. Hate and violence have no place in Canada. We encourage all Canadians to turn away from hate, and to turn toward love and respect for our neighbors.