Election Congratulations to the Prime Minister

02 December 2019
Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, I wish to congratulate you on your election victory.
As a Christian community, we believe that government is a gift from God and bears authority as a minister of God for the good of our country. Be assured of our prayers for you and for your family amidst the demands of time and expectations of your office.
As the 43rd Parliament is about to begin, Canada faces many challenges and opportunities. We affirm your commitment on election night to govern for all Canadians and to focus on a shared vision for our country. National unity will be a critical theme of the next Parliament and we pray for wisdom as you seek the common ground that unites us all.
Canada is a country of deep pluralism in which individuals and communities of different religions, cultures and races live in peace with one another. Such diversity necessarily means that we will disagree. A critical challenge for a free and democratic society is dealing with these differences well.
It is possible to engage in meaningful discourse and come to agreement and collaboration on issues that concern the public good, while maintaining deep differences. Tolerance and respect for one another are foundational.

We believe that a commitment to work with people of diverse faiths for the public good, as well as a deep respect for freedom of religion and conscience and the integrity of communities of faith, are all essential components of a free and open society. All freedoms thrive when freedom of religion is respected and protected.
We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, to tell you more about a significant segment of the Canadian population active in communities across Canada, and to explore ways in which the evangelical community, alongside other faith communities, can work with you for the sake of all Canadians.

May God give you wisdom as you give leadership to our country.

Bruce J. Clemenger, President
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Author: Bruce J. Clemenger