Abuse - Boy needing you to prevent abuse

Abuse violates human dignity and can have devastating, life-long impacts. Abuse is mistreatment of or violence toward a person. It can take many forms, such as physical, sexual, psychological or economic abuse or neglect.

God calls us to care for the vulnerable and to uphold each person’s human dignity. Every person is created by God, in His image, and loved by Him. This compels us to respect and uphold each person’s inherent worth and to treat them as a bearer of God’s image.

As Christians, we seek to prevent abuse and restore persons hurt by it.

New: Abuse Awareness and Prevention Network founded in 2022 by the EFC and five partner ministries. Learn more at AbuseAwareness. net

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Bill would reduce sexual exploitation online

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Outgoing letters

Letter to Minister of Justice on Online Harms Legislation

Supporting a legislative and regulatory framework to address—separately from...

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Bill C-63: Online Harms Act

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Bill C-311: Violence Against Pregnant Women Act

MP Cathay Wagantall introduced Bill C-311 in the House of Commons on January 31, 2023.

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Trauma-friendly Church Study Guide

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