Thy Kingdom come

EFC Senior Ambassador Bruce Clemenger reflects on how Christians can bear witness to...

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Pondering the imponderable

Some mysteries are not for solving, writes EFC President David Guretzki in this...

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Outgoing letters

Letter on MAiD expansion to three new ministers

To the ministers of health, justice, and mental health and addictions on "our deep...

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Official statements

Christian leaders affirm duty to care and resolve to mobilize communities

This public lament on assisted dying and commitment to respond has been signed by more...

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Media releases

New polling reveals Canadians’ views on medical assistance in dying

Only half of Canadians (51%) are aware Canadians will be eligible for MAiD on the basis...

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The EFC launches “Before it’s too late” campaign to stop MAiD for mental illness

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has launched a campaign calling for the...

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Faith Today

Faith Today is the home of Canada’s Christian conversation

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Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving encompasses a variety of youth and young adult initiatives. Homebase is our website There's also social media, an e-newsletter, print magazines (3 per year), a mobile app, and several TV and video series.

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