Adam Driscoll

Adam Driscoll lives in Saskatchewan with his wife Angela and their three children.
He has served around tables of discernment, governance and organizational influence since 2004, consistently passionate about bridging theology and leadership. He holds an undergraduate degree in biblical studies and a Masters of Arts in leadership and management, with an emphasis in coaching and conflict resolution. He is a trained mediator and a personality profile coach. His heartbeat is to nurture pathways of personal and interpersonal flourishing.
Adam serves full time as the director of spiritual development for a K-12 Christian School where he leads initiatives and priorities of faith formation in students. He speaks frequently in churches and camps throughout the province. 

He previously lived in Newfoundland and has additional experience in fund development for post-secondary Christian education.
Adam is available to speak to congregations, for conferences, seminars on leadership development, retreats, and special events. See his speaker profile webpage.